Camila, São Paulo ,Brazil, 20, geting ready to back to NZ! Love movies, Robert, and any kind of OTP M&M, I'M NOT SORRY ABOUT THAT , AAAAAND i support Gay Marrige so please....


there are 3 types of people


It had to be done.


FAVOURITE EVERYTHING → Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (The Way He Looks)

"Léo, se você roubasse um beijo de alguém, como que cê faria pra devolver?"

The Best-Written Gay Couple on Television Is Hiding on a Guilty-Pleasure Show: “These are scared, oppressed boys who often kiss through broken faces. What should have been a depressing and disturbing scene of a father beating the life out of his son was, ultimately, uplifting. The boys again kissing through broken faces. But this time with grins.
To praise the bloody, fraught relationship of Mickey and Ian is not to diminish other, less dramatic depictions. There are a million ways to be gay in America and none of them are wrong. Mickey’s thuggish, street tough is a natural progression from characters like Omar on The Wire, and like every character on Shameless, he and Ian are allowed to be beautiful disasters who are both hard to love and impossible to resist. This is due, in no small part, to the amazing performances from Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan who have grown beautifully into their roles.” — Vanity Fair
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