Camila, São Paulo ,Brazil, 20, geting ready to back to NZ! Love movies, Robert, and any kind of OTP M&M, I'M NOT SORRY ABOUT THAT , AAAAAND i support Gay Marrige so please....


1. Nasir’s puckered lips relaxing the moment Agron bites and pulls on his lips—like he just gives up and gives in and lets Agron tugs on his bottom lip.

2. Agron doesn’t just tugs on Nasir’s lip, he actually pulls his entire head forward, and Nasir goes willingly. Fucking nnngngnng

3. Nasir’s flailing hand — “omg omg where do I put my hand?? his cheek? his shoulder? gahd he’s biting on my lip, idfc anymore”

4. Agron’s scrunched up expression as he pulls on that lip — so much intent and determination. Like he wants to tug it as far out as possible just to hear the gasp from Nasir as it snaps back and swells up little before he dives back in to soothe it with his own lips and tongue.


some places on earth truly are a real life fairytale land

favorite pictures || noel fisher || 4/x

Martin Freeman in Svengali 

Tom Hardy & Steven Knight discussing Locke [x]


Get to know me meme - [1/5] Favorite Female Characters: Darcy Lewis

Short but sweet. 


Daft Punk

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